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On Your Mark, Get Set...

by Karen Reiffman

0 Comments | Wednesday, March 27, 2019 under Volunteering, Food Boxes, Surplus Produce, Holiday Fund

Together we can win the race against poverty in time for Pesach.

On your mark, get set...
The next word should be Go.

The race to Pesach has begun, and the timer is rapidly counting down. There’s so much to do-cleaning, shopping, cooking.. Pesach is a wonderful, joyous holiday but the pressure to prepare as best as possible for it only intensifies as the 15th of Nissan quickly approaches.

As any competitor does in preparation for a big race, Yad Eliezer has been taking steps to get ready, for weeks.
Who's the competition? Team Poverty. Brought about through unemployment or employment at low wages, divorce, dysfunction, abuse, illness...there are a myriad of ways in which it forces itself into peoples' lives and takes over. It's a fierce, relentless competitor. And families who are battling it, struggling to get by day after day (unable to buy even the most basic necessities like milk) are no match. You can imagine their increased stress when it comes to Pesach, whose costs are expensive even for an average family. Poor families know the Pesach race has begun-they're on their mark, they're set, but they can't Go.

Luckily, Team Yad Eliezer is well prepared. Its members, incredible donors located worldwide who number in the thousands, are ready to run the course with us here in Jerusalem. Together, we hope to raise the crucial funds necessary to help the needy in time for Pesach. Donations will take the form of supermarket gift cards that enable recipients to purchase matza, wine, chicken and other holiday essentials. Poor families, whose goal of setting their Seder table and having a happy, dignified chag seems distant, will be able to reach it with joy and self respect.

We've done it before- Yad Eliezer is a great team with a fantastic track record.
We hope you will help us do it again. 

Reach out to needy families here.  
Support IDF soldiers-in-need and their families here



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