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They keep the peace and provide peace of mind

Thursday, Sep. 14, 2017. 5:34 AM

Jerusalem's dedicated police officers spent a day last week packing food packages and necessities for families in need. The atmosphere in the Yad Eliezer warehouse was festive with the knowledge that these food products will help bring joy and celebration to families who are struggling to put food on the table... READ MORE

Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles

Wednesday, Sep. 13, 2017. 6:32 AM

What an amazing start to the New Year!Yad Eliezer is extremely grateful to the Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles, for awarding us with a $5,000 grant to our High Holiday Food Distribution program... READ MORE

And the Winner is...

Friday, Aug. 25, 2017. 3:19 AM

Chava R. from New York is the excited winner of $50,000 cash from Yad Eliezer's sweepstakes. She is a long standing supporter of Yad Eliezer, and has been involved in Yad Eliezer's tzedaka activities for over 30 years... READ MORE

Annual Report 2016!

Thursday, Jul. 20, 2017. 6:42 AM

And we couldn’t be more excited... READ MORE

Whirlwind trip

Monday, Jul. 17, 2017. 6:37 AM

For Rabbi Moishy Scheiner (Rabbi of Palm Beach Synagogue) Rebbetzin Dinie and their family, they used their 24 hours to the max. First, Mendel, who became a bar mitzvah, spent a joyful morning celebrating at the Kotel with his family... READ MORE

Kindness of Kids

Thursday, Jun. 22, 2017. 5:21 AM

At the Yad Eliezer offices we frequently get treated to examples of this, and it's a great feeling each time... READ MORE

Afikim Global Unity Torah

Thursday, Jun. 1, 2017. 6:58 AM

Headed by Rabbi Raphael Butler, the Afikim Foundation worked in cooperation with the Israel Ministry of Diaspora Affairs to commission the writing of a very special Global Unity Torah in honor of the 50th anniversary of Jerusalem’s reunification, inviting people the world over to “purchase&rdquo... READ MORE

Jewish Federation Sarasota Manatee

Thursday, May. 25, 2017. 2:35 AM

Yad Eliezer is very grateful to the Jewish Federation of Sarasota-Manatee for their generous $10,000 grant pledge toward our Feed-A-Baby program! This charitable contribution will go a long way in helping feed hungry babies from impoverished families throughout Israel. Thank you! ​​ READ MORE

Bar Mitzvah Twinning-Thank You

Tuesday, May. 23, 2017. 5:55 AM

Bar Mitzvah twinning is always meaningful-bringing the joy of giving to the donor, and happiness coupled with great appreciation to the recipient. The mother of one such recipient recently expressed her gratitude in this letter. READ MORE

Krinsky's Supermarket Rounds Up for Yad Eliezer

Monday, May. 22, 2017. 6:49 AM

A few weeks before Pesach, Naomi Krinsky was out shopping near her home in Sydney, Australia. As she went to check out, she was asked if she'd like to "round up" her purchase for charity (rounding her bill up to the next decimal, or adding any amount, which would then be donated). She agreed... READ MORE

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