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Emergency Campaign to Save Families 

Yad Eliezer is bringing millions in aid to strapped homes throughout the country

Sunday, April 19, 2020

With the fallout of the health crisis so severe, impacting the world in ways no one ever anticipated including massive layoffs and job reductions, individuals and families continue to face financial challenges that are becoming insurmountable. Yad Eliezer has launched the Corona Emergency Relief Campaign specifically to address this issue. 

The goal is multifaceted: alleviate immediate financial strain in homes where the crisis is worsening already-existing poverty 
(including, but not limited to, those of single mothers), and stabilize "newly poor" families-those where breadwinners were working at steady jobs, just managing to make it through the month, but became unemployed overnight due to the pandemic and are now unable to pay bills and support themselves.

By stepping in to bring assistance to these families through help with urgent expenses (including food, utility, mortgage relief & small business recoupment), Yad Eliezer is working to protect them from falling into heavy debt that quickly becomes inescapable. It is imperative that we do all we can to prevent them from becoming trapped in a lifetime of poverty-a likely result of this crisis if conditions continue at this rate. 

We aim to get them back on their feet, ensuring their stability and dignity. $2.5 million has been raised thus far, towards the $5 million goal of the campaign's first phase. At this halfway mark, we are already making a difference. You can, too, by helping us reach our goal and reach countless additional homes. Contribute to our Corona Emergency Relief Campaign and throw a lifeline to families struggling to stay afloat.


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