It's the End of the Year

End of Year Tax-Deductible Donations

As the end of the fiscal year approaches please consider making a tax-deductible donation to Yad Eliezer. As one of the largest non-profit provider of goods and services in Israel, tens of thousands of Israeli families living in poverty depend on Yad Eliezer to help them survive and provide a better future for their children. Yad Eliezer's many projects aid poor families by providing food, clothing, medical care and emergency support, but also aim to extricate families from the devastating ravages of the poverty cycle by providing tutoring, big brother mentoring, and job training. Our greatest pride is when recipients are rehabilitated to such an extent that they are able to become Yad Eliezer supporters.

Why choose Yad Eliezer

Yad Eliezer was founded in 1980, and has since received the recognition and support of government agencies, community leaders and tens of thousands of philanthropists like you. Maybe they choose Yad Eliezer because of our low overhead costs (under 5%). While its roster of programs has expanded and its budget now exceeds $24 million per year, Yad Eliezer’s cadre of trained volunteers enables the organization to honor its commitment to limited overhead and minimal expenses while providing personalized and professional assistance to hundreds of thousands of our nation’s neediest. Large wholesale purchases of essentials allow Yad Eliezer to provide more food to families that if they had received the money directly. Some donors choose Yad Eliezer because of its high ratings on Charity Navigator and Midot, the two leading charity in non-profit evaluators. But most of all, donors choose Yad Eliezer because they care about poor families in Israel and want to make a difference in their lives.
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